Buffet Dinner Menus

Asian inspired buffet

Thai grilled steak (tenderloin) and papaya salad

Indonesian spicy bbq chicken with lemongrass

Grilled mahi-mahi skewers with tomatillo dip

Basmati rice pilaf, drizzled with curry oil and scallion oil

Chili - garlic steamed baby bok choy with black sesame

Stirfried mini veggies with fresh ginger

Jicama salad with citrus and cantaloupe

Shredded nappa salad, peppery watercress, fresh strawberries, Thai sweet chili dressing & chili roast peanuts

A selection of fresh grilled and crisp breads

Passed mini icecreams – delectable one-bite in orange, pear, walnut, strawberry

Mini warm filo pouches — milk choc & raspberry / white choc & cranberry / dark choc & hazelnut

Tropical fruit kebobs

Mediterranean buffet

Leek and asiago stuffed chicken breast with rosemary jus

Poached medallions of salmon with citrus beurre blanc

Italian potatoes, with pancetta and capers

Green beans with beurre noisette and pinenuts

Heirloom tomato salad, simply dressed and scattered with fresh herbs

Mixed salad greens, with orange, strawberry & onion with white wine dressing

Fresh, grilled and crisped breads, tapanade, butter

Fresh berries topped with warm Marsala zabaglione

Handmade finger dessertspoon

Island buffet – a cure for the February blues!

Grilled Jerk marinated pork tenderloin with papaya and citrus salsa

Crispy fried snapper fillets with escoviche veggies

Sweet potato and capsicum pepper stirfry

Curried rice pilaf with baby peas

Sweet buttered baby carrots, slowly roasted

Pickled okra salad

Caribbean coleslaw with brown sugar & lime dressing

Water chestnuts with chopped fresh veggies, lime and shallots

Fresh made roti bread with jerk lime butter, spiced cornbread, sweet balla bread

Coconut tarts — Passion fruit mousse

Grilled pineapple — Amber rum cake

Cold summer luncheon

Composé of grilled sliced chicken, alternating with fresh basil, sliced vine tomatoes, and asiago cheese

New England lobster rolls — creamy lobster salad with shallots, chives & tarragon, piled into a soft grilled bun

Grilled potato salad, with olive oil and fresh rosemary

Grilled asparagus with grilled lemon, virgin olive oil, fleur de sel

Orange, yellow and purple baby carrots

Crisp breads with tapanade

Mini tartlettes — lemon meringue, pecan butter tarts, strawberry with custard

White and dark chocolate raspberry mountains

Company Picnic — Deep South BBQ

Little Vittles

Honky tonk homemade rosemary potato chips, (served in cowboy hats), onion gouda dip

Quesadillas with fire roasted sweet corn, sun dried tomato, basil & fire roasted tomato

Bodacious baby bacon wrapped fillet mignon with béarnaise

Cowboy canoes – mini red-skinned tater skins with traditional & eclectic fillings

The Spread

Cajun and / traditional smokey bbq chickens

Sizzlin’ pan-fried catfish with tomato succotash

Grilled wagon-wheel polenta rounds infused with sundried tomato & porcini, red pepper aioli The wranglers’ skillet potatoes – pan-fried with fontina, roasted garlic & sage

Mean baked beans with molasses

Frontier creamy red & white coleslaw

Bunkhouse buttermilk potatoes

The Big Round Up

Peach Cobbler with a crumble crust, served with warm with vanilla ice cream

Deep dish pecan pie

Warm berry hand pies (handmade turnovers)

Platter of sliced seasonal fruits

Good Strong Coffee

A Canadiana / Muskoka Menu

Hors d’oeuvres at the dock

Fresh asparagus spears baked in crispy parmesan pastry

Brandied wild mushrooms & brie in feather light wonton cones

Tiny molten cheeseburgers on baby sesame brioche

Bombay chicken with mango dipping sauce

Asiago stuffed lemon shrimp with basil and proscuitto

Roasted rosemary nuts at the bars

Dinner at the cottage

From the grill

Pickerel (walleye) fillets with a lemony caper rosemary jus

Farm raised Ontario veal chops grilled with dijon and thyme

Wild boar chops marinated with red wine and garlic

(If wild boar not available, substitute bison tenderloin with merlot reduction)


Roasted garlic whipped Yukon gold potato & rutebega mash

Summer cauliflower with truffled cheese sauce

Local sweet peas with pancetta

Sweet corn (off the cob) simply served with butter, salt & pepper

Organic salad greens with balsamic dressing, julienne carrot & jicama

Heirloom tomato salad, pesto dollops, shallot dressing, feta and crispy onions

Fresh, grilled and crisped breads with charred spring onion spread and butter

Sweets and treats

Wild Muskoka blueberry crumble with vanilla icecream

All Canadian maple syrup butter tarts

Muskoka mudslide dark chocolate pudding cake with raspberry coulis

Regular and decaf coffee from Muskoka Roastery, a selection of teas

Dinner by the Bite — Substantial Hors d’oeuvres for Hearty Appetites

Passed hors d’oeuvres

Steamed corned beef and pastrami sandwiches on rye with self serve sliced dills

Wasabi pea crusted shrimp skewers, with sesame soy dip

Mini molten cheeseburgers with Dijon aioli, on baby sesame brioche buns

Crispy mini potato latkes, topped with crème fraiche & chives

Tender, meaty and lean Australian lamb ‘lollipops’ with a rich merlot dipping sauce

Asparagus spears in crunchy Parmesan pastry

Caramelized onion and sweet potato samosas with coriander yogurt dip

Pecan crusted chicken kebobs, with orange-lime dipping sauce

Lobster dumplings with ginger sauce

Crispy asiago polenta discs, topped with aioli and oven dried cherry tomato crisps

Centrally located, on tiered stands

Beef tenderloin on a mini onion bun, with horseradish aioli and crispy onions

Mini balsamic grilled veggie and chevre wraps

Old fashioned baked ham, carved into sweet potato scones with honey mustard

Chef attended

Mini plates of slivered beef bourguignon, in a rich red wine sauce with a dollop of roast garlic rutabaga & potato mash & crispy onions

Self serve stations located around the room


Jumbo shrimp with lively Brazilian pebre, smokey & spicy salsa roja, cocktail sauce

Sushi and maki sushi with chopsticks, soya, wasabi and pickled ginger

Refreshing Thai green mango salad rolls with a piquant lemony dip

On the cruisers

Addictive rosemary roasted bar nuts


Eclectic artisan cheese display with truffle honey, quince jelly, baguette & flatbreads with grapes, strawberries, figs


Brownies, lemon squares, butter tarts with

Muskoka Roastery coffee, orange pekoe tea, and hot water for specialty herb teas

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