Full Service Holiday Menus

New! - Holiday Fare

Stationary hors d’oeuvres

Cheeses and Pates

International cheese platter — Port wine and toasted nut cheese ball, surrounded by sharp Canadian cheddar, creamy Danish havarti, aged Dutch gouda, and mild Italian provolone, with toasted natural almonds, dried apricots, seedless grapes, and crackers

Deluxe French cheese platter — mimolette, bleu de bresse, epoisse, selles-sur-Cher and port salut,simply presented with seedless grapes and water crackers

Artisan cheese platter — a selection of three hand crafted cheeses simply presented with seedless grapes and water crackers — selections depend on current availability

Layered chèvre torte — with pesto & sundried tomato, topped with crisp onion ‘hay’, flatbreads

Our house port and thyme pâté — an addictive, smooth, buttery chicken liver pâté, redolent of sweet port and apples, served in a cranberry bread wreath, surrounded by sliced cranberry focaccia

Smoked salmon pâté, blended with chives, lemon & cream cheese, bagel crisps & tart caper berries

Cranberry almond cheese dip — a decadent warm cheese casserole, served with crackers

Queso fundido — addictive warm Mexican cheese fondue, with blue corn chips & veggies for dipping

Savoury brie —a whole brie wheel, baked in pastry with roasted garlic, fresh rosemary, and roasted red pepper

Chef attended Saganki station — Greek Kefalotyri cheese, flambéed to order with ouzo, doused with lemon and offered with warm pita, creamy hommus & olives

Santorini warm country feta, chef attended station — feta rolled in light flaky pastry, lightly fried and drizzled with Greek honey, black sesame, and finished with a candied fig

Breads and Such

Holiday Stromboli — a hand made braided loaf stuffed with asiago, roasted peppers, roasted garlic, fresh arugula, feta, black forest ham, green olives and pepperoni, fresh baked and sliced

Kaleidoscope of mini wraps

smoked salmon

jerk chicken

pacific rim grilled beef

balsamic veggies

channa & potato

Boule and dip Your choice of spinach and artichoke dip, roasted red pepper & feta dip, or aged Gouda dip served in a pumpernickel bowl, surround with fresh sliced pumpernickel and baguette

Addictive bar nuts — toasted almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts and pecans tossed with a special blend of fresh rosemary, spices, with a Cajun edge


Vegetable and seafood maki sushi rolls, with pickled ginger and a soya-wasabi dip with toasted sesame seeds, and wooden chopsticks

Big Kahuna — jumbo shrimp, crab claws and creamy seafood dip with classic cocktail sauce, fresh lemon wedges, crackers

Smoked salmon platter — Sliced smoked salmon, with minced red onion, capers, dilled cream cheese and fresh lemon served with a basket of our house made red river pumpernickel loaf

Classic shrimp cocktail — lemon poached jumbo shrimp, with fresh lemon wedges, hot and smoky salsa roja, creamy brandy and traditional cocktail dipping sauces

Creamy, spicy warm crab dip, served with crackers

Chef attended shrimp Saganaki station — jumbo shrimp sautéed in olive oil with garlic, flambéed with ouzo then doused with lemon, & fresh tomato, served in a small bowl and topped with crumbled feta with fresh baguette for scooping up the sauce

Snacking Trays

Italian antipasto — Marinated ricotta salta (fresh cheese), asiago, pepperoncini hot peppers, Genoa salami, proscuitto, pepperoni and grape tomatoes with crusty breads

Mediterranean Meze — Hommus, kopanisti (roasted red pepper & feta) white bean rosemary dip and tapanade with grilled pita bread wedges

Flavour burst Meze — Smoked tomato, aged Gouda and spicy crab dips with flatbreads

Latino Meze — blue corn chips & homemade spicy flour tortilla crisps With spicy salsa roja, mild pico de gallo, black bean dip and crème fraîche

Spanish Tapas — sherried garlic mushrooms, roasted poblemo and sweet peppers, manchego cheese, grilled & sliced sausages, wine baked olives and garlicky aioli with a basket of crusty bread

Meat Stations

Beef carvery, chef attended Whole beef tenderloin, rosemary-pepper grilled to medium rare, sliced and served with homemade spicy horseradish, tomato béarnaise dip, Dijon aioli, hot mustard, crispy onions and small rolls for making sandwiches

Smoked ham carvery, chef attended Old fashioned bone-in smoked ham, decorated with golden pineapple and sour cherries, then glazed with dijon & maple syrup, carved to order into sweet potato scones, with mustards and chutneys

Stationary sweets and treats

Fresh fruit platter — cantaloupe, watermelon & chunks of golden pineapple, strawberries, juicy red and green grapes

Fruit kebobs — strawberry, pineapple & cantaloupe with chocolate and maple mascarpone dips

Mini festive finger desserts, including cookies, tartlettes and squares

Whole caramelized brie wheel — topped with toasted pecans and almonds, then masked in a crispy caramel crust, served with seedless grapes & crackers

Small wheel serves 15 - 30

Large wheel serves 30 - 60

Brie en croûte with brown sugar and toasted nuts, served with seedless grapes & crackers

Choice of milk or dark chocolate fondue with an array of traditional and eclectic dippers — berries, pineapple, melon, clementines, banana, dried apricots, brownie bites, biscotti, pirouette cookies, salted pretzels, marshmallows, peanut butter balls...

A few holiday desserts

White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake — with cranberry maple syrup drizzle

Fig Tart with Mascarpone Cream

Tiramisu — with chocolate, praline and raspberry sauces

Gingered Pear Chiffon Tart

Croquembouche — an elaborate pyramid of custard filled pastries, with chocolate and raspberry sauces

Muskoka Mudslide Cake — a rich dark pudding cake

Caribbean Rum Cake

Caramelized Orange Trifle with Madeira

Yule logs filled with Amaretto Cream or Grand Marnier Cream

"Full On” Chocolate Cake — with white, milk and dark chocolate

Cranberry Tart with Rum Cream and Chocolate

Cranberry Eggnog Tart

Create your own cocktail menu
A few of our hand crafted hors d’oeuvres
Although these are some favourites, denotes particularly popular items


Chinese shitake mushroom dumplings in a dim sum spoon with ponzu sauce 

Mini potato latkes topped with crème fraiche and chives 

Asparagus spears in parmesan dusted pastry 

Asiago & dried tomato crispy polenta disks, with aioli & cherry tomato crisps 

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with whipped chèvre and toasted natural almond

Feather light pastry cones filled with warm cognac mushrooms and brie

Wild mushrooms braised with Madeira wine, in crispy filo bundles

Green apple crisps with aged gouda pate

Mini wine pastry tartlettes, with mapled apple, pecan and cheddar


Asiago stuffed lemon shrimp, wrapped with basil & crisp proscuitto 

Chinese steamed shrimp and lobster dumplings with ginger sauce 

Crab cakes with mango cream dipping sauce 

Brie and snow crab tartlettes 

Smoked salmon mousse in mini dilled crêpes

Lobster with lemon tarragon cream in crispy pastry triangles

Pecan shrimp lollipops with Thai sweet chili dip

Crisp curried shrimp with coriander raita

Wasabi crusted blue rare ahi tuna, served in chopsticks with soy dip


Bombay chicken with mango dipping sauce 

Tender roasted prime rib on mini Yorkshire puddings with horseradish 

Mini molten cheeseburgers on tiny brioche buns with Dijon aioli 

Caribbean jerk style chicken springrolls with passion fruit dip 

Mediterranean chicken with roasted garlic asiago cream

Macadamia crusted chicken with orange lime dipping sauce

Individual lamb lollipops with a rich, warm bordelaise dipping sauce

Petite fillet mignon with béarnaise dipping sauce

Nam bam beef with teriyaki glaze, stuffed with grilled green onion

Food stations

A small sampling of food stations available, in addition to those listed under Stationary hors d’oeuvres

We are happy to customize food stations to reflect your favourite foods and cuisines

Seafood Martini Bar

Pistachio crusted fingers of grouper with mango lime salsa & beet frites

Chilled lobster cocktail drizzled with mignonette, topped with lemon sabayon

Sweet chili seared sea scallops on crispy rice noodles with curry oil & ponzu drizzle

Havana Nights

Cuban sandwiches grilled to order:
sliced ham, white cheddar, Swiss cheese, mustard, mayonnaise and pickle on a soft roll baked between two grills, served with mango nappa slaw

Kansas City BBQ

Pulled pork sandwiches with Kansas BBQ sauce

Spicy sweet corn fritters and marinated coleslaw

Wild Rice Station

Wild rice pilaf, baked with shallots and herbs, topped with slivers of roasted herbed chicken breast in Dijon tarragon cream OR Fricassee of wild mushrooms

Caramelized roasted root vegetables — French baguette with butter

Mambo Mambo

A sophisticated look at South American cuisine - lime grilled shredded chicken & braised black beans, scooped into warm, soft flour tortillas with an array of eclectic toppings — smoky & spicy salsa roja, salsa verde, crumbled fresh cheese, coriander... Offered with jicama & tangerine salad and warm queso fundido (addictive Mexican cheese fondue) with crisp veggie sticks and corn chips


Oversized crepes stuffed with guests choice of fillings: broccoli, mushrooms, sautéed leek, peppers, cheddar, gruyere, spinach, ham, bacon then sautéed with butter to heat and crispen

‘Poutine’ bar

Decadent potato crisps, drizzled with merlot sauce, topped with fresh cheese curds

With self serve bacon bits, sour cream, scallions

Preset cocktail reception menus
You may mix and match with hors d’oeuvres from other menus

Menu 1

Asiago stuffed lemon shrimp, wrapped with fresh basil and proscuitto

Bombay chicken fritters, with mango chutney

Asparagus fingers in a crispy parmesan crust

North African beef tenderloin satay, with fresh lime, shallots, garlic and a hint of cumin

Mini corn cups filled with roasted sweet corn, roasted garlic and pico de gallo salsa

Menu 2 (vegetarian)

Crispy potato latkes with crème fraîche and snipped chives

Mini corn and roasted pepper empanaditas with smokey chipolte tomato coulis

Panko crusted Japanese eggplant disks with aioli and oven dried cherry tomato crisps

Wine pastry tartlettes filled with melting leeks and brie fondue

Thai green mango salad rolls with a piquant lemony dipping sauce

Feather light pastry cones filled with broccoli and truffled cheddar sauce

Menu 3

Stationary hors d’oeuvres

Homemade flatbreads with Gouda dip, kopanisti, and fennel tapanade

Port and thyme pate displayed in a festive cranberry bread wreath

Butlered hors d’oeuvres

Brandied mushrooms and brie in feather light wonton cones

Garlic lemon shrimp with pernod cream dip

Spicy Caribbean jerk chicken spring roll with passionfruit dipping sauce

Crispy asiago infused polenta disks, with aioli and oven dried cherry tomato crisps

Tiny molten cheeseburgers baked on baby sesame crusted brioche

Menu 4

Stationary hors d’oeuvres

Queso fundido — an addictive Mexican cheese fondue, with blue corn chips and fresh veggies for dipping

Butlered hors d’oeuvres

Mini lobster rolls — on bite sized éclairs, with scallion and a hint of tarragon

Mini Yorkshire puddings, with rare beef tenderloin, horseradish aioli and crispy onions Spinach ricotta on crispy crostini

Mombassa chicken skewers

Mushroom and smoked gouda bread pudding

Savoury smoked Milford Bay trout cheesecake

Menu 5

Stationary hors d’oeuvres

Rustic Spanish Tapas — sherried garlic mushrooms, roasted poblano and sweet peppers, Manchego cheese, grilled & sliced sausages, wine baked olives and garlicky aioli with crusty breads

Butlered hors d’oeuvres

Chipotle spiced lobster rugelach, a bite sized cream cheese dough crescent

Mini b’steeya, a mixture of Moroccan chicken and almond encased in crisp phyllo

Twice-baked mini potatoes stuffed with English double Glouster cheese and chives

Open-faced beef tenderloin sandwiches with sautéed onions, mushrooms & Cambazola

Sweet potato pancakes crowned with spiced apples, pecans and crème fraîche

Curried chicken crêpe

Thai salad green mango salad rolls with glass noodles

Preset ‘dinner by the bite’ cocktail menus
You may mix and match with hors d’oeuvres from other menus

Menu 6

Butlered hors d’oeuvres

Seared lamb loin on rosemary scones, seasonal berry compote

Lemon shrimp wrapped in proscuitto

Asiago polenta disks topped with aioli and oven dried cherry tomato crisps

Steamed sesame bok choy and shitake dumplings with ponzu

Bombay chicken with mango chutney

Mini fish and chips — goujons of sole with sweet potato frites, in Chinese take out boxes

Chef attended food station

Beef tenderloin, carved to order and served on mini onion buns

Roasted garlic mashed potato bar
— An array of self serve toppings for the beef & potatoes, including horseradish, béarnaise, mustards, pesto, crispy onions, sautéed mushrooms, red wine sauce, mini meatballs, cheeses, scallions...

Sweets and treats

Choice of milk or dark chocolate fondue with an array of traditional and eclectic dippers
— berries, pineapple, melon, clementines, banana, dried apricots, brownie bites, biscotti, pirouette cookies, salted pretzels, marshmallows, peanut butter balls...

Menu 7

Butlered hors d’oeuvres

Golden sautéed truffled porcini risotto cakes with enoki

Wasabi crusted salmon skewers

Mini Yorkshire puddings topped with rare tenderloin, horseradish aioli and onion crisps

Mapled apple, cheddar and pecan tartlettes

Passed mini plates

Lobster cocktail with shredded lettuce and lemon sabayon, in a champagne saucer

Chinese chicken salad with crispy veg, sesame chicken & crunchy noodles

Single rosemary-dijon Australian lamb chops, rich braised white beans, merlot reduction

Sherry glasses with fresh vegetables and a light lemony herb yogurt dip

Passed sweets

Individual molten chocolate cakes, presented with a tiny scoop of French vanilla ice cream

Fresh berry martinis topped with a warm Marsala sabayon

Holiday buffet menus

Autumn Feast

Breaded breast of chicken, stuffed with brie, apples and cranberries

Vegan grilled portabella, cognac infused mushroom, green lentil & brown rice stuffing

Whipped sweet potatoes blended with Yukon golds

Homemade honey-orange cranberry sauce

A mosaic of seasonal vegetables, with chives

Autumn salad greens with shallot dressing

Fresh breads with butter

White chocolate cranberry cheesecake with cranberry maple syrup drizzle

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Vegetarian Pasta Party

Roasted squash & ricotta manicotti with spinach & toasted pine nuts, sage brown butter sauce

Pesto lasagne, layered with mozzarella & feta, savoury grilled veggies, and a light, garlic cream sauce

Penne Matriciana, with a spicy mushroom & red wine laced tomato sauce

Chef’s salad with julienne vegetables, balsamic vinaigrette

Tomato bruschetta served with crusty Italian bread

Tiramisu with chocolate, praline and raspberry sauces

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Mediterranean Fare

Lemon-rosemary grilled chicken breast stuffed with chèvre, served with a natural jus

Crispy vegetarian polenta disks flavoured with asiago cheese, topped with fresh tomato basil salsa

Tubetti pasta with Tuscan white beans, mushrooms, roasted garlic and asparagus

A mosaic of seasonal vegetables, with chives

Spicy greens (arugula, watercress, etc.) with crispy vegetable julienne, balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh breads with butter

A selection of aged cheeses with seedless grapes, strawberries and crackers

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

A Country Dinner

Roasted loin of pork, with apple cranberry stuffing, rich wine sauce

Chili seared fillet of Atlantic salmon, caper butter sauce

Rustic mini potatoes, baked till tender, then flattened & re-baked till crispy with olive oil and rosemary

Slow roasted caramelized carrot batons with thyme

Autumn greens with roasted pear, gorgonzola and toasted walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette

Old-fashioned chocolate brownie with warm fudge sauce & vanilla icecream

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Tabella Italiano

Chicken Scarpariello - quarters smothered in roasted garlic, lemon scented rosemary sauce

Hand rolled fresh pasta manicotti, with confetti veggies and three-cheeses, topped with a red wine laced tomato sauce, swirls of yellow pepper puree and dollops of arugula pesto

Parmesan roasted carrots — Olive oil sautéed peppers, mushrooms & zucchini

Autumn salad greens with slivered vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette

Rosemary focaccia with butter & tapanade

Fruit kebobs — strawberry, pineapple & cantaloupe skewers , raspberry & mapled mascarpone dips

Cappuccino cheesecake with espresso chocolate sauce

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Winter in Paris

Poulet sauté à la Marengo
— created for Napoleon, this classic chicken casserole is baked with tomato, garlic and white wine, laced with a touch of brandy, and scattered with garlic sautéed button mushrooms —

Fillet of tilapia, pan fried and served a la meunière, with capers, parsley and lemon

Rice pilaf — blended with petit pois a la Française

Tarbais — a decadent white bean dish braised with leeks, roasted garlic and cream

Haricot vert (delicate french beans) with shallots and bacon lardon

Salad Landaise topped with mini croutons, minced fresh & roasted veggies, shallot dressing

French baguette, with butter and fresh radishes

Mini Croquembouche
— pyramids of custard filled pastries, with chocolate & raspberry sauces

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Simple and Sophisticated

Roulade of grilled flank stuffed with veal and pistachio, with a wild mushroom wine sauce

Atlantic salmon fillet, with smoked salmon and leeks, baked in pastry — lemon dill mousseline

Slow roasted red bliss potatoes

A mosaic of seasonal vegetables, with chives

Tomato and artichoke heart salad, with lemony vinaigrette

Autumn salad greens with shallot dressing, julienne vegetables

Fresh breads with butter

Fresh berries topped with a warm marsala sabayon, served with finger desserts

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Atlantic Surf and Pacific Turf

Rosemary seared Atlantic salmon, with a lemony caper jus

Pepper crusted fillet of Alberta beef tenderloin, sliced and drizzled with a merlot wine saucebox

Scalloped potatoes

Slow roasted caramelized winter vegetables

Harvest greens, proscuitto, toasted hazelnuts, pomegranate vinaigrette

Apple cinnamon bread pudding with apple brandy sauce

Festive finger desserts

Muskoka Roastery coffee

A selection of fine teas

Like Mom Used to Make (... almost)

Slow roasted turkey breast with classic sage and onion stuffing, sherry infused gravy & cranberry sauce

Carved roast beef with Yorkshire pudding muffins, red wine sauce, fresh horseradish and béarnaise

Roasted garlic whipped potatoes

Caramelized roasted veggies — carrots, squash, rutabaga, parsnips, elephant garlic

A mosaic of steamed emerald veggies with fresh chives

Autumn salad greens with Asian pear, crumbled chèvre & toasted pecans, balsamic dressing

Fresh rolls with whipped butter

Muskoka chocolate mudslide cake — Caramelized orange trifle with Madeira

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Asian Persuasion

Asian five spice crusted beef tenderloin served with a Thai basil & lime béarnaise

Sexy Duck — braised duck legs and breasts with a mandarin & sweet chilli demi glace

Spicy jumbo shrimp stirfry, with sweet red and yellow peppers, and crisp snow peas

Thick and chewy Chinese noodles, with shitake mushrooms, sprouts and sesame

Steamed basmati rice with chopped tender Chinese greens

Refreshing edamame and celery slaw with fresh mint and honey

Marinated orange segments with a light Chantilly cream

Miniature double chocolate brownie squares

Handmade fortune cookies, inserted with your own customized message

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Plated holiday dinners

Menu 1

Amuse Bouche — Blue rare ahi tuna with wasabi pea crust — soya dip

Truffled cauliflower soup with Gorgonzola crouton

Lime and basil sorbet

Rosemary infused Australian lamb, merlot jus

With a dollop of braised white beans

And a chive tied sheath of asparagus

Seedling salad greens with heirloom tomatoes & feta

Luscious lemon mousse with wild blueberry bottom

Muskoka Roastery coffee with a selection of teas

Menu 2

Amuse bouche — shooter of chilled sweet corn chowder, with parmesan tuile and truffled popcorn

Chilled shrimp and lobster salad with a creamy chive dressing, on a nest of piquant jicama and Asian pear slaw

Wild mushroom consommé, topped with an elongated gorgonzola puff pastry crouton

Medallions of beef tenderloin with a port infused red wine sauce

Served with a dollop of roasted garlic mashed rutebega and potato Haricot vert — Baby carrots

Lemongrass sorbet

Baked figs with a spicy anise jus, chevre icecream, oatmeal tuiles

Menu 3

Amuse bouche — tiny lamb – chevre burger with dijon aioli

Shrimp and lobster in a tomato fennel broth with edamame, mini potato, saffron cream swirl

Medallions of veal with porcini mushroom cream

Ribboned carrot and roasted beet mince

Seedling salad greens with aged cheeses & baguette

Fresh berries topped with a warm Marsala sabayon

Soma chocolate truffles

Menu 4

Seared fillet of halibut with a duet of sauces

Classic lobster American sauce — Beurre blanc

Proscuitto consommé with arugula and melon

Medallions of Australian lamb loin, lemon, shallot, mushroom sauce

Served on a raft of asparagus & potato latke

Tangerine - ouzo granita

Individual molten chocolate pudding cakes

Topped with a tiny scoop of french vanilla icecream and a single raspberry

Soft artisan cheeses with rosemary crackers

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