Summer Wedding in Muskoka

Passed hors d’oeuvres

Asiago stuffed lemon shrimp, wrapped with basil and proscuitto

Bombay chicken fritters with mango chutney

Asparagus spears in parmesan crusted pastry

Smoked salmon mousse in mini dilled crepes

Steamed bok choy and shitake mushroom dumplings with ponzu sauce

Buffet dinner

Red wine marinated beef tenderloin, grilled on site & carved to order, with béarnaise  & homemade horseradish

Vegetable display grilled on site, featuring local sweet onions, wild mushrooms, mini potatoes, red  & yellow peppers, squash, mini zucchini, warm from the grill  & drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette

Tubetti pasta tossed with red & yellow tomatoes, asparagus tips, roasted garlic, minced chives  & basil infused olive oil

Confetti salad with sweet Ontario corn, minced baby carrots  & fresh shucked peas

Baby greens with roasted beets, Roquefort cheese, red pears, toasted pecans  & white wine - shallot dressing

A selection of crisp, fresh & grilled breads

Plated dessert

Lemon wedding cake with lemon curd filling presented with raspberry coulis  & berries Muskoka Roastery coffee, a selection of fine teas

Later in the evening, when the dancing is underway...

Refreshing fruit kebobs

Country Wedding

Hors d’oeuvres

Wild mushrooms braised with Madeira, in crispy filo pockets

Wine pastry tartlettes filled with melting leeks and brie

Fresh shrimp sautéed with garlic, flambéed with ouzo then doused with lemon, passed with skewers Sundried tomato bathed chicken breast, with a warm asiago cream dipping sauce


At each guest table, a small tapas display

— grilled, crisp & fresh breads, spreads, olive oil, balsamic vinegar for noshing as they wait to be invited to buffet

From the grill

Red wine marinated boneless prime rib, grilled to medium rare,

and offered with fresh horseradish, tomato béarnaise, and red wine sauce

Grilled asparagus spears, with virgin olive oil, grilled lemon and shaved parmesan


Barley salad with minced vegetables and fresh herbs

Cannelli beans with rosemary and morels

Heirloom tomato salad, topped with dollops of pesto, crumbled feta, shallot dressing, and a nest of crispy onions

Summer salad of Mesclun greens tossed with julienne vegetables Drizzled with strawberry-rosemary vinaigrette

Wedding cake

Tirami Su wedding cake, decorated with trails of ivy, red and orange blossoms

Plated with sauces and fresh summer berries

Espresso available at bar

Elegant Country Dinner

Passed hors d’oeuvres

Feather light pastry cones filled with warm cognac mushrooms and brie Mini potato latkes topped with crème fraiche and chives

Mini molten cheeseburgers on tiny brioche buns with Dijon aioli

Caribbean jerk style chicken springrolls with passion fruit dip

Dinner Buffet One

Kansas City Strip Steak, rubbed with herbs and spices, grilled to order Fresh grated spicy horseradish, and a selection of steak sauces

BBQ potatoes — Thick sliced new potatoes, layered with onions and whole cloves of garlic,

then slathered with butter – bbq’d in ‘camp style’ in foil packets till meltingly tender, with crispy chunks

Sliced summer tomatoes, simply topped with a squeeze of lemon, roasted rosemary salt,

A crumble of feta and crispy onions

Buffet Two

Not quote so ‘Old fashioned bbq chicken quarters’

Whole chickens cut into white and dark meat, marinated with a miso infused bbq sauce and grilled

Corn on the cob, served straight from the pot,

with a pound of butter on the side to roll the cobs, and a shaker of salt and pepper

A mosaic of balsamic grilled veggies — peppers, sweet onions, asparagus, mushrooms, eggplant...

Buffet Three

Fillet of local rainbow trout, grilled with white wine, garlic and rosemary

Dilled tomato caper salsa, and lemon hollandaise

Baby spinach & arugula salad with grilled pear, grilled pancetta, crumbled blue and roasted walnuts

Drizzled with red wine vinaigrette

A selection of rustic and not-so-rustic breads with butter

Sweets and treats

Icecream crepes, flambéed with butter and brandy, then drizzled with guests’ choice of sauces & toppings Served with wedding cake — a light angel food cake, with brown sugar meringue frosting

A Casual Mediterranean Menu

Pre- ceremony snacks

Mini tapas plates with crusty breads — Marinated olives — sherried garlic mushrooms — roasted hot and sweet peppers — manchego — olive oil marinated ricotta — aioli — grilled spicy sausage

Post ceremony — Passed hors d’oeuvres

Chicken saltimbocca, with fresh sage, lemon, garlic and proscuitto

Asparagus spears in asiago crusted pastry

Crispy polenta disks topped with aioli and oven dried cherry tomato

Beef empanadillas (tiny turnovers)

Buffet Dinner

From the grill

Chicken breast skewers with Dijon and garlic

Halloumi-olive skewers with lemon and oregano

Rosemary beef tenderloin skewers

Balsamic portabella mushroom skewers


Baked potato bar, with an array of self serve toppings

Heirloom tomatoes with shallot dressing, crumbled feta and crispy onions

Minty celery slaw with edamame beans

Refreshing jicama salad with cantaloupe and orange

Baby spinach & arugula Caesar, with parmesan shards and rye croutons

Fennel tapanade, tsetsiki, red pepper spread

Fresh grilled pita, crispy flatbreads

Sweets and treats

Fresh fruit kebobs with an array of finger desserts

Muskoka Roastery coffee, with a selection of teas

Later in the evening...

Pizza, freshly grilled on the bbq and laid out self serve with pizza cutters

— fig/chevre/proscuitto/balsamic — provolone/tomato/basil

— classic double cheese/pepperoni/onion — wild mushroom/brie

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