Prepared food delivery service in Muskoka

Orders for Muskoka placed by Tuesday will be delivered the following Friday or Saturday, depending on your location

Call, email or fax your order

Head office: 416.533.6832
Muskoka: 705.646.1462
Email: christine at christinebib dot com
Fax: 416.533.0344

Minimum order for delivery, $300
Delivery charges and taxes apply

Hors d'oeuvres

Berbere grilled jumbo shrimp $42 / dozen, includes yogurt dip
Marinated with a spice blend essential to many Ethiopian dishes, this shrimp has a kick!

Buffalo chicken wontons $39 / dozen, includes blue cheese dip
Classic pub fare in a single crispy bite - buffalo spiced chicken breast in a crisp crust

Coconut shrimp $42 / dozen, includes Thai sweet chili dipping sauce
Marinated with coconut rum and breaded with unsweetened coconut

Ultra mini vegetarian cocktail samosas $9 / dozen, includes raita - scented yogurt dip
Lightly curried and crispy

Savoury cheddar shortbreads with sesame seeds $9 / dozen

Wild mushroom bread pudding soufflés $39/ dozen
Luscious one-bite bread puddings with aged gouda and wild mushrooms

Lemon shrimp with fresh basil & proscuitto $42 / dozen
The tastes of the Mediterranean ‘pop’ with this appetizer, serve with a generous squeeze of lemon

Pizza bianco flatbread fingers $39 / dozen

Wild mushroom, caramelized onion and mascarpone
Garlic seared rapini, gorgonzola, walnut
Fig, proscuitto, chevre and aged balsamic
Summer tomato, cambozola, bacon

Hand crafted wine pastry tartlettes $39 / dozen

Melting leeks and brie fondue
Cranberry chevre and pecan

Signature Dips & Spreads - $8 / 500 ml
(except pate & béarnaise priced separately)
Serve with crackers, corn chips, pita, veggies

Fresh Sides
Large pan serves 12 - 16 as a side dish - $36
Small pan serves 4 - 6 as a sidedish - $13

Roasted sweet potato, sweet corn and Yukon potato salad with a hint of chipotle

Seared green beans with shallot salad

Edamame and charred sweet corn salad

Brown rice & quinoa pilaf with mushrooms, serve warm or cold

Caramelized roasted root veggies serve hot or cold

Grilled medley of sweet potatoes, asparagus, sweet peppers and mushrooms serve warm or cold

Sunburst salad chock full of veggies, cranberry, sunflower seeds, serve cold

Roasted beets, simply dressed serve warm or cold

Thai noodles with a hint of curry, veggies and cilantro serve cold

Vermicelli rice noodles with chicken, veggies, egg and ginger miso sauce serve warm or cold

Truffled potato and mushroom gratin, with aged cheeses (similar to scalloped potato) serve hot

Classic scalloped potato serve hot

Roasted garlic mashed Yukon gold potato and rutabaga serve hot

Creamed and minced roasted cauliflower and baby carrots (not a smooth puree) - lower carb alternate to mashed potatoes serve hot

Quick Meal Options
Large pan serves 6 - 8 as main course
Small pan serves 2 - 3 as main course

Truffled Mac and Cheese Lg. $30, Sm $11
Artisan noodles with a truffled blended cheese sauce, crispy panko-regianno crust

Shepherd's Pie Lg $38 Sm $12
A family favourite, ground beef topped with buttery mashed potatoes

Chicken Leek and Mushroom Pie Lg $40 Sm $13
In a light cream sauce, with veggies and puff pastry topping

Hearty Meat Lasagna Lg $30, Sm $11
Fresh pasta layered with sweet basil Bolognese sauce, mozzarella and grano padano cheeses

Baked Greek Chicken Thighs Lg $48, Sm $18
Marinated with tons of lemon, fresh herbs and garlic, then baked till tender with Greek olives, cherry tomatoes, and a swirl of olive oil. Finished with crumbled feta – serve hot or cold

Meatballs Marinara Lg $38 Sm $12
All beef meatballs in sweet basil marinara sauce – serve over pasta, in a meat ball sub, as a side dish

Other Quick Meal Options
(priced per piece)

Breaded chicken cutlet, basil parmesan crust $7 / pc
Jumbo breaded chicken fingers, basil parmesan crust $3 / pc

Tourtière $29 per individual pie/ serves 4 – 6
Our best seller - Family recipe from Quebec, this lean ground pork pie with seasonings and pate brisse crust

Prepared Meat, Fish and Poultry For the Grill

We will prepare and marinate your choice of beef, lamb, chicken and veggie entrees, ready to bbq. These items are customized for each client.

For example:
Rosemary infused beef tenderloin kebobs, 6 oz, $15 pc
Boneless chicken breasts, marinated to order for your chosen menu, $10 pc


Squares - 9" x 13" slab - $30

Precious Pecan
Cheesecake Brownie
Lemon Coconut
Raisin Butter tart
Fudgey Brownie
Date and Oat
Lemon Cranberry
White chocolate Butter Tart Bar Blondie

Cakes - 8" round serves 10 - 12 - $35

Dark chocolate with chocolate butter cream
Madagascar vanilla with vanilla butter cream
Lemon layer cake with lemon curd filling, lemon butter cream Carrot cake with classic cream cheese frosting
Cakes can be customized - different sizes, decorated, etc. Please inquire
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